University of Pretoria Extra-ordinary Professor ShuaiFei Chen made a 10-day visit to FABI during February. He was in the country for FeiFei Liu’s PhD defence and Prestige Seminar. ShuaiFei was the second Chinese student to complete a PhD at FABI and he congratulated Feifei on being the first female Chinese student to complete her PhD at FABI. He made the comment that FABI and CERC would continue to “write nice stories” together. ShuaiFei is a research leader at the China Eucalypt Research Centre (CERC) that is an Institute of the Chinese Academy of Forestry (CAF). He was instrumental in building the CERC-FABI Tree Protection Programme (CFTPP), which collaborates on fundamental research, solutions to eucalypt disease problems and education of postgraduate students.  As it has grown over the past 20 years, the FABI-CERC collaboration has produced more than 130 ISI journal publications, one M.Sc. and five Ph.D. degrees. There are many more in progress and together with the Chinese and South African Governments, a Joint Research Centre focused linking CERC and FABI and on forest health is currently being developed.