Prof Wouter Maes

Extra-ordinary Professor


Full CV
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Research Profiles

I am a remote sensing scientist, with a background in forest ecology and plant physiology. I am primarily focusing on the use of drones (UAVs) and on thermal and hyperspectral remote sensing of terrestrial ecosystems. I am investigating how these remote sensing technologies can be applied to detect biotic and abiotic stress in agricultural and silvicultural ecosystems, as well as for ecological research in natural ecosystems.

I am a tenure track professor on UAV remote sensing at Ghent University, Belgium, where I am co-leading the UAV Research Centre. At FABI, I am involved in the satellite lab of Remote Sensing of Plant Health

Research topics: UAV, thermal remote sensing, hyperspectral, sun-induced fluorescence, Jatropha curcas

Personal website at the University of Ghent.