Ms Catherina Ngongni-Kuetezang

MSc student


Biochemistry, Genetics and Microbiology
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Primary Supervisor
Zander Myburg

I completed my undergrade in human genetics and physiology at the University of Pretoria. Now in my honors, my background in genetics and its applications has expanded from humans to plant and animal species. The broadness in studying genetics sparked my interest in plant genomics, which is something totally out of my comfort zone. Although I had little background in plants, the fact that it was a different specie made it more interesting to venture into studying genetics in plants.

I am currently doing my honors in BSC Bioinformatics, which is a science field that develops and use tools to interpret biological data. My honors project is based on Haplotype calling pipeline and database for targeted genome and transcriptome sequencing in outbred organisms. My project aims to develop a bioinformatics pipeline capable of processing raw genotyping by sequencing (GBS) reads as input. The pipeline will facilitate essential steps including mapping the reads to a reference genome, performing SNP calling, and generating, well-structured phased haplotype data as output. To ensure efficient data management and analysis, a dedicated database will be designed and implemented. The database will serve as a repository for storing, tracking, and organizing the haplotype data in structured table format. The database will further facilitate seamless retrieval, analysis, and management of the haplotype data for genomic analysis.

This will be done under the supervision of Prof Zander Myburg and Dr Nanette Christie.