Publications from the Sentinel Plant Project 

Book chapters

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Journal articles

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Paap T, Burgess T, Wingfield MJ. 2017. Urban trees: bridge-heads for forest pest invasions and sentinels for early detection. Biological Invasions 19: 3515-3526. 


 Views articles 

Nndanduleni M, Gossa MW, Gabayi M, Paap T. 2021. The battle to save iconic silver trees. Veld & Flora. 

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Botanical gardens: why we need them and how they can also pose a risk.


Information Sheet 

De Beer ZW, Paap T. 2019. The Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer (Euwallacea whitfordiodendrus) and Fusarium dieback (Fusarium euwallaceae). Information Sheet.


Publication from other research in the gardens 

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