SANBI-Funded Sentinel Plant Project Establishes A PSHB Monitoring System At The KZN National Botanical Garden. 08 December 2021. 

Assessment of plant health in the Cape botanical gardens. News Item. 23 November 2021.

SANBI’s Sentinel Plant Project renders training support for horticulture students at DUT. News Item. 31 August 2021.

SANBI Sentinel Plant Project Hosts A Training Workshop for DUT Horticulture Students. News Item. 09 June 2021.

Student training through the SANBI-funded Sentinel Plant Project in South African botanic gardens. 05 May 2021.

Treatment trials established to fight Phytophthora die-back in Kirstenbosch gardens. News item. 07 December 2020.

Inspection of invasive diseases and pest problems in SANBI's Cape gardens. News item. 17 November 2020.

South African Sentinels

A webinar on plant health in botanical gardens amid the Covid-19 pandemic. News item. 04 August 2020.

FABI participates in the first annual meeting of the HOMED project. News item. 06 December 2019.

FABI contributes to CIB Workshop. News item. 22 November 2019.

Monitoring plant health in botanic gardens and arboreta across South Africa. News item. 25 June 2019.

FABI postdoc presented a seminar on the dangers of unregulated plant movement throughout history. 19 June 2019.

Italian Forest pathologist visits FABI. News item. 18 November 2017.

FABI Postdoctoral Fellow conducts International Plant Sentinel Network Workshops. News item. 04 December 2017.