Five FABIans attended the XVI Southern African Society for Systematic Biology’s (SASSB) conference from 5-7 July in Stellenbosch. It was a very enjoyable conference and an excellent opportunity to establish new contacts and meet with friends and colleagues from other institutions. Melandre van Lill and Lazarus Mavima, two post-graduate students presented their work on the taxonomy and evolution of rhizobia. Prof. Martin Coetzee discussed the Botryosphaeriaceae associated with three native trees in South Africa while Prof. Cobus Visagie reported on their work related to the diversity of Penicillium in South Africa. FABI is well presented on the Council of the society with Martin Coetzee as a council member and Prof. Fanus Venter as the newly-elected President. FABI is looking forward to organise the next conference in 2025 here in Pretoria and hope that many FABIans will join us next time to discuss systematics and related topic of interest to our community.