Ms Melandre Van Lill

MSc student


Biochemistry, Genetics and Microbiology
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Primary Supervisor
Fanus Venter

Co Supervisor
Emma Steenkamp

I joined FABI in 2019 as a CPHB mentorship student in the second year of my undergraduate degree and continued with my honours in Microbiology in 2021, under the supervision of Prof Venter and Prof Steenkamp. During my honours I studied the diversity of Mesorhizobium strains associated with the indigenous South African legumes, Vachellia karroo and Lessertia diffusa. For my Masters, I will continue to investigate and describe the diversity of Mesorhizobium species in South Africa. I will also investigate the rhizobial diversity associated with various woody legumes known to be bush encroachers.

  • MLB 111 (Molecular and cell biology, 2022)
  • MBY 262 (Food Microbiology, 2022)
  • MBY 365 (Microbe Interactions, 2022)


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