Several FABI academics were honored at the recent University of Pretoria Academic Achievers Awards ceremony on 19 October. FABI Deputy Director, Prof. Fanus Venter and Prof. Teresa Coutinho were both awarded the Exceptional Academic Achievers Award. This is awarded annually to senior academics who have already achieved the status of Professor, are regarded highly by their peers, and have consistently excelled in the areas of under- and postgraduate teaching and learning, research, community service and administration over a period of time. Any academic who has been awarded an A-rating by the NRF in the year under consideration also automatically qualifies as an Exceptional Achiever for as long as they remain an A-rated researcher. Dr Markus Wilken was awarded the Exceptional Young Achievers Award that is given to exceptional young achievers in the field of research, as seen against the University’s strategic goals of achieving academic excellence, international competitiveness and local relevance. Any person who has been evaluated by the NRF as a P-rated researcher also automatically enjoys Exceptional Young Researcher status.

The Awards ceremony also recognises those academics who received NRF ratings in the past year. FABIans and research collaborators who were recognised include: Prof. Yves van der Peer (A-rating), Prof. André Ganswindt (B-rating), Dr David Read (Y-rating), while Prof. Tuan Duong, Prof. Kestin Krüger, Prof. Tjaart Krüger, Prof. Noëlani van den Berg and Prof. Jacquie van der Waals all received C-ratings.