The 26th Advanced Phylogenetics Workshop was held from 6-10 November at FABI. The workshop was presented by Drs Martin Coetzee (workshop co-ordinator, CTHB, TPCP) and Jane Wright (Inqaba Biotech). Two of these workshops are offered each year, with the aim to provide researchers and students hands-on training in the use of contemporary software available for phylogenetic analyses. The participants also receive lectures explaining the principles underlying different phylogenetic methods. The November workshop was attended by Dr Edoaurd Tshipamba (from the Animal Health Department at the Northwest-University), Polly Thaphatihi, Prudence Matlamela, Cindy Ramokgano, and Elelwani Ramabulana (students from the University of Venda), as well as FABIans Zorada Swart, Seamus Morgan, Dineo Mailula and Benedicta Swalarsk-Parry.