This week, the FABI team is looking forward to welcoming some 300 Alumni, invited guests, industry partners, scientific collaborators, government representatives, staff and students from around the globe to celebrate its 20th anniversary on 24-25 January. Under the banner “The Road to Research Excellence”, the symposium will celebrate two decades of research excellence at the Institute. 

After more than a year of planning by the Founding Director, Prof. Mike Wingfield and his team, the two-day event will see 39 speakers from around the world, gather to celebrate the science and work of FABI. These formal presentations will be interspersed with a tree planting ceremony, gala dinner, and visit to FABI and its Biocontrol Facility by guests. An exhibition of some 80 works of tree and wood art has been assembled for the occasion. An initiative, led by Prof. Wilhelm de Beer in partnership the University of Pretoria’s Department of UP Arts. On display are works from the permanent collection of the University that depict trees, are made of wood or where wood has been used in the creation of the pieces. Works by FABIans Dr Alistair McTaggart, Dr Trudy Paap and Nam Pham are also included.