FABI postdoctoral Fellow Dr Marc Bouwer along with Dr Gabrielle Carstensen and MSc student Ashleigh Smith conducted a field trip to the Lothair and Barberton regions of the Mpumalanga province during the week of 23-26 October. The purpose of the trip was to service the Cossid moth (Coryphodema tristis) pheromone traps that were set up in the field earlier in the year. The trials are aimed at improving the current Cossid moth pheromone lures and traps and also for measuring edge effects that may be present in the plantations. After the cossid pheromone trap work the team drove to Montrose near Barberton and sampled Pine browntail (Euproctis terminalis) pupae hidden in the needle mat in invested pine stands. The adults that are expected to emerge from these pupae will be used for pheromone identification work at FABI. Marc thanks Daniel James and Daniel Graham from SAPPI for their guidance and permission to enter the plantations in these areas and Gaby and Ashleigh for their excellent company and help on the field trip while.