Ms Molly Malefo

PhD student


Plant and Soil Sciences
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Primary Supervisor
Dr Bridget Crampton
Dr Eugene Makgopa
Bridget Crampton

I obtained my BSc degree in Biotechnology majoring in Microbiology in 2011 and went on to complete BSc Hons in Plant Biotechnology in 2012; both degrees are from the University of Pretoria. During my honors year, I gained an interest in working with fungi and enrolled for MSc Biotechnology in the Plant Science department at the University of Pretoria.

My research focused on the characterization of a fungal effector gene through gene knockout studies under the supervision of Dr. Bridget Crampton. This was achieved through the introduction of a split marker construct into C. zeina protoplasts. Regenerated protoplasts were screened to ensure the pathogenicity gene is knocked out, and thereafter knockout transformants were assessed for their pathogenicity on maize.

I’m currently enrolled for Ph.D. in Biotechnology in the Plant Science department at the University of Pretoria under the supervision of Dr. Eugene Makgopa and Dr. Bridget Crampton. My research focuses on characterizing the role of protease inhibitors during biotic and abiotic stresses. This study aims to assess the involvement of protease inhibitors in response to drought stress and P. syringae in transgenic Arabidopsis plants.

Export to RIS
Malefo M, Mathibela O, Makgopa E, Crampton BG. (2020) Investigating the role of Bowman-Birk serine protease inhibitor in Arabidopsis plants under drought stress. Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 149:286-293. 10.1016/J.PLAPHY.2020.02.007