PSHB Network Coordinator:
Prof. Wilhelm de Beer (FABI, University of Pretoria)

University of Pretoria (FABI):
Profs Noelani Van den Berg, Brett Hurley, Bernard Slippers, Drs Trudy Paap, Gerda Fourie, Almuth Hammerbacher

University of Pretoria (Centre for Invasion Biology, CIB):
Prof. Mark Robertson

University of Pretoria (Department of Plant & Soil Sciences):
Prof. John Annandale, Dr Nicolette Taylor

Rhodes University (Centre for Biological Control, CBC):
Prof. Martin Hill

Stellenbosch University (Dept. Conservation Ecology and Entomology):
Prof. Francois Roets

Stellenbosch University (Centre for Invasion Biology, CIB):
Prof. Dave Richardson

University of Witwatersrand (School of Animal Plant and Environmental Sciences):
Prof. Marcus Byrne, Dr Solomon Newete

University of the Free State (Dept. Plant Sciences):
Drs Gert Marais, Marieka Gryzenhout

University of Kwazulu-Natal (African Centre for Crop Improvement):
Prof. Mark Laing

University of Limpopo (Dept. Plant Production, Soil Science and Agricultural Engineering):
Dr Mapotso Kena