The International Mycological Congress (IMC) recently held in Bangkok provided great opportunities to meet with friends and colleagues. Forest pathology was well-represented on the programme with many excellent presentations concerning the taxonomy and ecology of forest fungi including important pathogens. The forest pathologists present included an interesting portion of an academic "family tree" from the Department of Plant Pathology, University of Minnesota, FABI, and the School of Forest Resources and Conservation, University of Florida, providing an opportunity to "capture the moment" in a photograph. 

Robert Blanchette (third form left) provides a "starting point". Mike Wingfield to his left was Bob's first PhD student (graduated 1983). To Mike's left are four of his past PhD students: Jolanda Roux (PhD 1998), Bernard Slippers (PhD 2003), Wilhelm de Beer (PhD 2012) and Martin Coetzee (PhD 2004, Brenda Wingfield primary advisor). To Bob's right are two of his other past PhD students. Jason Smith (PhD 2005) and Ben Held (PhD 2012). Kneeling in the front row are some past PhD students of those standing behind them. In front of Jolanda Roux (Irene Barnes, PhD 2009, also advised by Mike and Brenda Wingfield), in front of Bernard Slippers, Draginja Pavlic (PhD 2009) and in front of Wilhelm de Beer, Tuan Duong (PhD 2013). Kneeling in front of Jason Smith is the youngest of the group, Chis Bateman, current PhD student of Jason and Jiri Hulcr (University of Florida). This 'tree" starting with Bob has many other shoots and if one works backwards from there, branches in many directions, eventually to the well-recognised 'father of forest pathology', Robert Hartig.