Six FABI researchers, students and collaborators attended the IUFRO Regional Congress for Asia and Oceania 2016 held in Beijing from 24-27 October. The congress is the biggest IUFRO Regional Congress organised to date in co-operation with the Chinese Academy of Forestry. Some 1000 delegates from more than 60 countries from around the world met to discuss forest and forestry research. FABI Director, Prof. Mike Wingfield, in his capacity as IUFRO President addressed the opening ceremony. He had a full schedule addressing the Director’s Forum, welcoming reception, Forest Science forum, plenary session and closing ceremony whilst attending numerous meetings in between these engagements.

Prof. Jolanda Roux is Research Group Co-ordinator – RG7.02 and Deputy of IUFRO Group 7, Dr Draginja Pavlic-Zupanc, Dr ShuaiFei Chen, FeiFei Liu, Dr Gudrun Dittrich-Schroder and PhD student Katrin Fitza participated in the poster presentations.

Prof. Jolanda Roux and FABI extraordinary lecturer Dr SuaFei Chen jointly organised two sessions titled "Eucalypt pest and disease management: Challenges and opportunities arising from new technologies” and "Microbial biodiversity in Asian forests: Opportunities or threats?".


Dittrich-Schroder, G., B. Hurley, M. Wingfield, S. Lawson, H. Nahrung, B. Slippers. Invasion history of Leptocybe species reveals the complexity of biological invasions.

Fitza, K., M.Tabata, N. Kanzaki, K. Kimura, J. Garnas, M. Wingfield, B. Slippers. Host specificity and diversity of Amylostereum associated with Japanese siricids.

GuiQing, L., L. QianLi., M. Wingfield, S. Chen. Quambalaria leaf and shoot blight on eucalypts in South China.

JieQiong, L., L. QianLi, I. Barnes, J. Roux, M. Wingfield, S. Chen. Calonectria species isolated from Eucalyptus plantations and nurseries in South China. 

Li J.Q. High species diversity of Calonectria isolated from Eucalyptus plantations and nurseries in south China.

Pavlic-Zuanc, D., W. Bihon, Y. Zhang, J. Roux. Botryosphaeriaceae associated with Acacia erioloba (camel thorn) die-off in South Africa.

QianLi, l., L. GuoQing, S. Chen. Botrytis eucalypti, a novel species isolated from diseased Eucalyptus seedling in South China.

Oral Presentations:

Chen, S.F. Fungal biodiversity on eucalypts in China.

Liu, F. Novel species of Ceratocystis from eucalypt and taro in China.

Pavlic-Zupanc, D. Diversity and distribution of Botryosphaeriaceae from native Melastomataceae (Myrtales) species in southern China.

Roux, J. A holistic approach is required for eucalypt disease and insect pest management.

Wingfield, M.J. Pests and pathogens increasingly threaten plantation forestry in Asia.