Ms Anneri Lötter

PhD student


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Primary Supervisor
Zander Myburg
As a child I have always wanted to work in a laboratory. Although at that stage I had no knowledge of what that entailed, as I grew up and gathered more information, my interest in the field of biological sciences grew. It was only when I started my undergraduate degree that I was exposed to the various fields of biology. I find biology awe-inspiring, but I also found it striking that we knew so little. The fact remains that we know more about the moon than we know about our own planet, and the systems that drive it. I did my undergraduate degree in Medical Science and my BScHons degree in Genetics. My BScHons project focused on using SNP markers to map the ancestry and the parental species from which chromosomal segments originate within second generation hybrids of Eucalyptus grandis and E. nitens. The aim of tracking such segments is to allow selection genomic segment associated traits of interest to breeders. My BScHons project exposed me to the field of molecular breeding and specifically how some annual crop breeding programs are far more advanced than those used for tree improvement. In order to further explore if such advanced breeding strategies can be implemented I decided to continue with an MSc in Genetics. My MSc project is focused on assembly of phased reference genomes for two Eucalyptus species using a trio-binning approach. During my MSc I went on a research visit to the University of Connecticut to improve my genome assembly bioinformatics skills. The larger aim of the project is to provide breeders haplotype and structural variant information to improve current tree breeding and selection strategies. My personal aim is to further improve understanding of how haplotype and structural variants contribute to gene expression and the resulting phenotype in Eucalyptus, similar to recent studies in tomato. 

My current research project is focused on increasing the competitiveness of the South African Eucalyptus breeding industry by building a baseline for the implementation and exploration of improved breeding strategies. The aim of my project is to assemble the parental haplogenomes present in an F1 hybrid of E. urophylla E. grandis

MSc Genetics (2019-2022) - University of Pretoria

BScHons Genetics (2018-2019) - University of Pretoria

BSc Medical Science (2014-2017) - University of Pretoria