It was a Symphony of Science as FABI harmonized the world of music and outrageous discoveries at this year’s Society for the Presentation of Outrageous Findings (SPOOF) social on 28 July at Tuks Monate. Video and oral presentations again revealed all manner of outrageous findings underpinned by rigorous scientific method! This fun event is a highlight on the FABI calendar and sees students and staff go all-out to win one of the coveted awards on the evening.

The “Best Dressed Male and Female Awards” went to Elmarie van der Merwe for her regal “Purple Rain” themed costume, while Nam Pham again won the best dressed male trophy for his Miley Cyrus “Wrecking Ball” themed outfit.  This hotly-contested category sees many FABIans and their partners going all out to scoop this sought-after prize!

Both the “Best Multimedia Award” and “Best Abstract Award” went to the Avocado Research Programme for their expose on the nefarious dealings of the Avocado Underworld (“Avocado Underworld: Peeling Back the Layers of the Guac Cartel - Guacamole, Oliver A.; Greenfield, Aviana V.; Hass, Olive O. & Pitman, Ava S).  The “Best Oral Presentation” was won by Kira Lynne and Cheyenne Theron’s “Comparative study: Influence of country-specific music on the growth of plant pathogenic fungi”.

A live band provided entertainment on the night and after the end of the awards ceremony many streamed to the dance floor to enjoy more musical revelry. A big thank you to the FABI Social Club under the leadership of Dr Gerda Fourie and Dr Rosali Moffat for their hard work in making this annual event such a great success!