Ms Kira Lynn

PhD student


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Primary Supervisor
Irene Barnes

Co Supervisor
Mike Wingfield

My Files

In 2020, I started my PhD in Genetics as a member of RGE-FABI Tree Health Programme (RGE-FABI THP) and Tree Protection Co-operative Programme (TPCP). For this new chapter in my academic career, I will focus on the transmission and dispersal of the fungal pathogen Ceratocystis. 

I completed my MSc Genetics (Cum laude) in 2020. My research project was under the newly formed RGE-FABI Tree Health Programme (RGE-FABI THP). My project focused on determining what ambrosia beetles and fungal mutualists were infesting non-native Acacia crassicarpa plantations in Indonesia. To investigate this fungal-ambrosia infestation, I was fortunate enough to travel to Indonesia several times during the course of my research and see the infestation first hand and learn a great deal about the forestry industry. Through this research we identified two Euwallacea ambrosia beetles as the predominate beetles infesting these plantations, as well as seven novel Fusarium mutualists of these ambrosia beetles. 


  • Lynn KMT, Wingfield MJ, Durán A, Oliveira LSS, de Beer W, Barnes I. Discovery of seven novel Fusarium species associated with two ambrosia beetle species in Indonesia and their global relevance as tree pests. National Symposium on Biological Invasions (5th - 7th May 2021) Online. 


  • Lynn KMT, Wingfield MJ, Durán A, Oliveira LSS, de Beer W, Barnes I. Novel Fusarium mutualists of two Euwallacea species infesting Acacia crassicarpa in Indonesia.:  South African Society of Plant Pathologists’ (SASPP) 52nd Congress SASPP (20th January 2021). Online.


  • Lynn KMT, Wingfield MJ, Durán A, Oliveira LSS, de Beer W, Barnes I. Seven novel Fusarium associated with ambrosia beetles on Acacia crassicarpa in Indonesia.:  Mycological Society of America (MSA) MSA Graphical poster (22nd July 2020). Online.


  • FAMELab speed presentations at the 2020 regional symposium.


  • RGE-FABI Tree health Symposium 2019


  • Lynn, K.M.T., Wingfield, M.J., Duran, A., de Beer, W., Barnes, I. A novel haplotype of the tea shot hole borer (Euwallacea fornicatus) and its novel Fusarium symbiont infesting Acacia crassicarpa in Indonesia. 51st Congress of the South Africa society of plant pathology (SASPP) 2019


  • RGE-FABI Tree health Symposium 2018

My Galeries


FABI researchers work with Sappi in KwaZulu-Natal

FABI team members visited various Sappi holdings in KwaZulu-Natal during the week of 22 February.

FABI hosts a virtual SASPP Symposium

On 20 January, FABI had the pleasure of hosting a virtual congress of the South African Society of Plant Pathologists’ (SASPP).

RGE-FABI THP symposium links three continents

The RGE-FABI Tree Health Programme (THP) hosted its annual symposium on 3 December.

Join us for the Southern African Society for Plant Pathology conference on 20 January!

We are excited to connect with you on 20 January for our Southern African Society for Plant Pathology(SASPP) hybrid meeting at Future Africa at the University of Pretoria.

TPCP team members visit plantations on the KZN coast

Some of the most impressive, and in fact some of the earliest, clonal eucalypt plantations can be found on the KwaZulu-Natal Coast of South Africa.

FABI celebrates the achievements of its Spring graduates

Congratulations to 20 graduates affiliated with FABI whose degrees were conferred at the University of Pretoria’s virtual Spring Graduation Ceremony on 29 September.

FABIans participate in bark beetle mycobiome research network meeting

On 2 September, several FABIans that form part of the bark beetle mycobiome research network took part in their 9th virtual meeting.

RGE-FABI THP team meet - another Zoom event

The RGE-FABI Tree Health Programme team met on the Zoom virtual platform on 18 August.

FABI mycologists participate in the annual MSA meeting: Mycology in the cloud

FABI students and their co-authors contributed 37 posters/graphical abstracts of the 157 of these presentations at the MSA conference.

Members of the TPCP Diagnostic Clinic learn more about forestry in Mpumalanga and KZN during their annual training trip

Members of the Tree Protection Co-operative Programme (TPCP) Diagnostic Clinic team travelled to Mpumalanga and KwaZulu-Natal in March for the annual Diagnostic Clinic training trip.

The ‘C’ word

Congratulations to Kira Lynn for obtaining her Masters degree cum laude.

A celebration of women in science at the first TPCP-CTHB publication party in 2020

FABI celebrated the first publications in an ISI-rated scientific journal of four FABI postgraduate students in the TPCP and CTHB groups at a gathering on 27 February. Publications: Katumanyane A. Messal M. van Wyk S. Lynn K.

FABIans participate in NRF-NSF funded bark beetle mycobiome network

The research team in FABI that works with bark and ambrosia beetles, are currently part of an international collaborative project with American peers, funded jointly by die National Research Foundation (NRF) and National Science Foundation (NSF).

Tree Planting goes on despite wet conditions

Forty eight students from the Tree Protection Co-operative Programme (TPCP) in FABI braved cool, wet and muddy conditions on the morning of 24 January to replant 1,500 seedlings into potting bags.

FABI shines at SASPP meeting

The 2019 meeting of the Southern African Society for Plant Pathology (SASPP) took place on the West Coast, hosted by Stellenbosch University.

RGE-FABI THP team returns

On Saturday 10 November, Dr Fahimeh Jami (Postdoctoral Fellow), Kira Lynn (M.Sc. student) and Nam Pham (Ph.D. student), returned to South Africa after spending almost two months in Sumatra.

A fungus painting gift to FABI

During a recent visit to Indonesia, a group of staff members and students of FABI were presented with a painting as a gift to FABI from Mr Rob Pallet, a previous member of the Board of the Tree Protection Co-operative Programme (TPCP) and now on the staff of the APRIL Forestry Group.

SPOOF 2018 delivers on guffaws and profoundly outrageous science!

For the third year running, PhD student Quentin Guignard walked away with the Best Dressed Male award at the 2018 annual meeting of the Society for the Presentation of Outrageous Findings (SPOOF).

RGE chairman visits FABI

FABI had the pleasure of hosting a visit on 27 May by Mr Sukanto Tanoto, the Chairman of the Royal Golden Eagle (RGE) Group.

Export to RIS
Lynn KMT, Wingfield MJ, Durán A, Oliveira LSS, de Beer ZW, Barnes I. (2021) Novel Fusarium mutualists of two Euwallacea species infesting Acacia crassicarpa in Indonesia. Mycologia 113(3):536-558. 10.1080/00275514.2021.1875708 PDF
Lynn KMT, Wingfield MJ, Durán A, Marincowitz S, Oliveira LSS , De Beer Z, Barnes I. (2020) Euwallacea perbrevis (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Scolytinae), a confirmed pest on Acacia crassicarpa in Riau, Indonesia, and a new fungal symbiont; Fusarium rekanum sp. nov.. Antonie van Leeuwenhoek 113(6):803-823. 10.1007/s10482-020-01392-8 PDF