The Biennial joint SASBi/SAGS (South African Society for Bioinformatics/South African Genetics Society) Conference was held at Golden Gate National Park in the Free State Province from 16-18 October. The setting was spectacular with great views of the surrounding cliff faces and the famous Brandwag buttress. Presenters came from numerous South African institutions and a few international ones too. The presentations given at various sessions throughout the conference covered a wide range of bioinformatics- and genetics-related content. After the day’s work was done refreshments were served in the dining hall once again to stunning panoramas of the dramatic landscape. 

FABI had a significant presence at the conference with 23 members of the Forest Molecular Genetics (FMG) Programme and seven from the Tree Protection Co-operative Programme (TPCP) and Bioinformatics attending the conference. 

FABI walked away with the laurels making a near clean sweep of the awards. Professor Zander Myburg received the SAGS Fellowship Award, Erik Visser claimed Best PhD Oral, Leandri Bezuidenhout winning Best MSc Oral, Daniel Harty won Best MSc Poster and Zorada Swart receiving best oral presentation at the SASBi student society presentations. 

At the end of the conference the SASBi and SAGS societies held committee elections. Many FABIans were re-elected as members of the SAGS Executive Committee for another term: Prof. Sanushka Naidoo will continue as President, Dr Irene Barnes was elected Vice President, Dr Steven Hussey as Secretary, Dr Albe van der Merwe as Website Manager and Alisa Postma-Smidt on becoming a student representative on the SASBi panel.