Mr GuoQing Li

PhD student


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Research Profiles

Primary Supervisor
ShuaiFei Chen

Co Supervisor
Mike Wingfield
Bernard Slippers

I joined FABI at the beginning of 2018. The focus of my PhD project is to investigate the Eucalyptus canker disease caused by Botryosphaeriaceae in southern China. I will attempt to identify these pathogens on Eucalyptus plantations in southern China, clarify the geographic distribution of these Botryosphaericeae species, and evaluate pathogenicity of these pathogens on different Eucalyptus clones. Additionally, I will also investigate the species diversity and pathogenicity difference of Botryosphaeriaceae among Eucalyptus and adjacent plantation trees.

In China, the Eucalyptus plantation area had expanded to over 4.5 million hm2 by 2015. Canker/dieback caused by Botryosphaeriaceae is an important disease in Eucalyptus plantations in southern China. From 2014 to date, we have isolated more than one thousand Botryosphaeriaceae fungi which collected from Eucalyptus plantations in FuJian, HaiNan, GuangDong, GuangXi and YunNan Provinces in China, and the identification of these Botryophaeriaceae isolates suggests that many more species of Botryosphaeriaceae remain to be discovered in China. This project will help understand the diversity and biology of Botryosphaeriaceae species associated with Eucalyptus in South China.

Export to RIS
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Li GQ, Slippers B, Wingfield MJ, Chen SF. (2020) Variation in Botryosphaeriaceae from Eucalyptus plantations in YunNan Province in southwestern China across a climatic gradient. IMA Fungus 11(22) 10.1186/s43008-020-00043-x
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