On 5 and 6 May the Ceratocystis Genome Jamboree was held in the Bioinformatics computer centre at FABI.  Prior to the jamboree Arista Fourie sequenced and assembled the genome, and Melissa Simpson generated the RNA data.  These data was combined and used for gene prediction with the help of Fourie Joubert and Alisa Smidt.  A group of 20 enthusiastic geneticists joined forces to manually check the predicted genes of the Ceratocystis fimbriata genome.  The aim was to check at least 10% of the 7500 predicted genes.  It was a very productive two days in which 1500 genes (20%) were checked.  Thank you to the following people who participated in the event: Dr Irene Barnes, Dr Markus Wilken, Tayo Adenigba, Mandy Messal, Ramesh Moolam, Andi Wilson, Conrad Trollip, Catherine Tatham, Dr Magriet van der Nest, Prof Dave Berger, Wilma Janine, Bradley Vincent, Lizel Potgieter, Claire Jordaan, Salome van Hoepen and Kayleigh Maier.