Ms Jostina Rakoma

MSc student


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Primary Supervisor
Markus Wilken

I am currently doing my Master's degree under the supervision of Markus Wilken. The main goal of this project is to show and explain the mating genes for members of the Ceratocystidaceae by completing genome sequencing of species from Meredithiella, Toshionella, Wolfgangiela and Phialophoropsis genera and to elucidate the structure of their mating-type genes. This study will provide genome sequences that will aid in genome-based analyses and also provide useful insights and understanding into the mating strategies utilized.

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Duong AT, Aylward J, Ametrano CG, Poudel E, Santana QC, Wilken PM, Martin A, Arun-Chinnappa KS, De Vos L, DiStefano I, Grewe F, Huhndorf S, Lumbsch HT, Rakoma JR, Steenkamp ET, Sun Y, van der Nest MA, Wingfield MJ, Yilmaz N, Wingfield BD. (2021) Draft genome assembly of Fusarium pilosicola, Meredithiella fracta, Niebla homalea, Pyrenophora teres hybrid WAC10721, and Teratosphaeria viscida. IMA Fungus 12(1):30. 10.1186/s43008-021-00077-9