The management of the canker pathogen Chrysoporthe austroafricana in commercial Eucalyptus plantations has been based on the selection of resistant material. However, some genotypes vary in their susceptibility and severe disease outbreaks have been detected in South Africa. For this reason, from 22-26 May members of the EPPI research group in FABI, in collaboration with SAPPI staff travelled to Kwambonabi in the KwaZulu-Natal province to evaluate and harvest one of the biggest in-field inoculations with the pathogen C. austroafricana. In the first two days the group was taking measurements of the lesions caused by the pathogen in 2424 Eucalyptus genotypes. The following day the group sampled the most susceptible and resistance hosts, which considered 260 individuals. This stem material will be used for RNA-seq analysis and will help to identify genes involved in the resistance against the pathogen as well as the improvement of the phenotyping. Joining this trip were: Prof. Sanushka Naidoo, Dr Erik Visser, Demissew Teshome, Myriam Solís, Shae Swanepoel, Bianca Hattingh, Tshoganyetso Motete, Tebogo Molemela, Tanya Pretorius, Lente Van Zyl, Michal Slupski, Anicka Nel, Josias Letaoana and Luke Kim. The EPPI team thanks the SAPPI staff for the incredible support and collaboration during the whole trip, especially to Prof. Jolanda Roux and Dr Nicky Jones.