Mr Demissew Teshome

PhD student


Biochemistry, Genetics and Microbiology
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Primary Supervisor
Sanushka Naidoo

Co Supervisor
Godfrey Zharare

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Plants are the main sources of almost all the basic needs of humans and play a pivotal role in sustaining the global ecological balance. Humans have been manipulating plants since the beginning of settled life by improving their yield potential, different quality traits and resistance to environmental stresses.

I completed my MSc in Plant Breeding at Haramaya University in Ethiopia where I evaluated the genetic improvement in grain yield potential and associated traits of soybean. I joined FABI in 2018 to continue my PhD studies under the supervision of Prof. Sanushka Naidoo. I am working on the physiological, biochemical and molecular responses of trees to biotic and abiotic stress interactions using the Eucalyptus grandis-Chrysoporthe austroafricana pathosystem as a model. This will contribute for future genetic improvements in the resistance of trees to such stresses.

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