A fungal genome annotation and comparison workshop, organised by PhD candidate Arista Fourie, was held from 13-16 November at FABI. It was held in collaboration with Prof. Yves van de Peer from the Bioinformatics & Systems Biology group, VIB, Ghent University in Belgium. The workshop was presented by two bioinformatic and genomic experts, Dr. Lieven Sterck (Ghent University) and Dr. Ronnie de Jonge (Utrecht University, the Netherlands). The first day was dedicated to a general introduction to Linux while the rest of the week focused on various analyses and approaches for genome comparisons. This included gene prediction and functional annotation as well as comparisons of gene content and genome syntenny. The workshop was attended by 15 people, including Dr. Irene Barnes, Dr. Tuan Duong, Dr. Lieschen de Vos, Dr. Alistair McTaggart, Dr. Louise Shuey, Nicky Olivier, Arista Fourie, Benedicta Swalarsk-Parry, Ginna Granados, JieQiong Li, Feifei Liu, Tanya Welgemoed, Andi Wilson, RunLei Chang and Jan Nagel. The visit also allowed for various meetings and collaborations to be strengthened between research groups in FABI and the visiting researchers.