FABI has pursued excellence in research over the past 25 years and every year recognises the achievements of expectational FABIans with a suite of Awards presented during the year-end function. These have come to be recognised as important and highly prized. This year’s awards took place at the Javett Art Centre at the University of Pretoria on 17 November and formed part of the Institute’s 25th anniversary celebration. The premium award for students, the “FABIan of the Year Award” was presented to Johannes Christoff Joubert who was praised for always being willing to assist his fellow FABIans and who has won Mentorship Awards as well as numerous awards for his excellent and compelling presentations. The award recognises excellence across a broad range of contributions, including research, mentorship, and support to the maintenance of the structures of the Institute and others.

The other award winners were: 

Best FABI MSc Dissertation: Cheyenne Theron

Best FABI Student Publication: Anneri Lötter

Best Postdoctoral Fellow Publication: Dr Tanay Bose, Dr Jane Chepsergon

FABI Award for Mentorship: Rosa Knoppersen, Kira Lynn, Myriam Solis

FABI Award for “Getting the Message to the Public”: Chanel Thomas

FABI Award for Recognising Contributions by a Person External to the Institute: Dr Ilaria Germishuizen (Institute for Commercial Forestry Research)

FABI Award for Recognising Contributions by a Member of Staff of the University of Pretoria: Mpho Maithufi, Postdoctoral and Research Fellow Programmes Officer, UP

Best Photograph Illustrating FABI Research: Cheyenne Theron

Best Photograph Illustrating a FABIan or FABIans at Work: Demissew Teshome

FABI Award for Outstanding Research Fellow Contributions: Dr Neriman Yilmaz

FABI Award for Postdoc Mentorship/Outstanding Contributions: Dr Erik Visser

Creative Art submission: Elmarie van der Merwe