Dr Carlos Rodas

Extra-ordinary Professor


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I am a forest pathologist and entomologist with a research focus on the management of diseases and insect pests in Pinus and Eucalyptus plantations. These include foliar diseases caused by species of Cylindroclaudium, Teratosphaeria, Austropuccinia, Dothistroma, Lecanosticta, vascular diseases caused by species of Chrysoporthe, Botryosphaeria, Ceratocystis, Fusarium, Calonectria as well as bacterial pathogens. Integrated pest management of insect pest has been conducted with special emphasis in biological and microbial control of forest insect pests, including species of Lepidoptera, Hymenoptera, Hemiptera, Phasmatodea and Coleoptera.

I am the founder and Director of the Forest Health Protection Programme at Smurfit Kappa – Colombia, where I have been working in forest health for 32 years. Currently I am developing a National Forest Protection Programme with the Colombian forest sector and the National University in Medellin.

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