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Microbiology and Plant Pathology
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I am a Research Fellow at University of Pretoria with the Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute ‎‎(FABI). My current research focuses on foliar disease of Eucalyptus. I ‎completed my BSc in Plant Protection and MSc. degree in Plant Pathology at the Guilan University in Iran. I obtained PhD my ‎at FABI under the direct supervision of Dr. Marieka Gryzenhout, Prof. Bernard Slippers and Prof. Mike Wingfield. My PhD ‎project was taxonomy and ecology of associated Botryosphaeriales on Acacia karroo in South Africa.‎


Botryosphaeriales (Ascomycota) species are common and diverse members of fungal communities that infect native and non-‎native woody plants. They can be serious pathogens and involved in diseases on native trees, but commonly occur as ‎endophytes. These fungi are also often moved locally and globally with plant material. To interpret patterns of movement as ‎well as host and geographic association, a clear taxonomic and species identification framework is required. The aims of ‎studies in this thesis were to consider the species diversity, structure and variation over time of Botryosphaeriaceae associated ‎with the native tree A. karroo, which   which occurs commonly across the South African landscape. The patterns of ‎overlap of Botryosphaeriaceae between A. karroo and three other native trees, namely Celtis africana, Searsia ‎lancea and Gymnosporia buxifolia at a single location was also considered. Finally, the diversity of Botryosphaeriaceae ‎associated with healthy tissue types, compared with those from die-back symptoms on A. karroo was studied. These questions ‎were by sampling A. karroo from 23 sites across its distribution in South Africa, with more intensive sampling done in the ‎Tshwane area over three years. In total, 19 species of the Botryosphaeriales were identified, of which seven were newly ‎described. ‎


New species from my PhD project:‎




Working in the Lab! Gardening. Running, walking, yoga. Reading.

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