Forty postgraduate students affiliated with FABI were awarded their degrees at the Autumn Graduation Ceremony of the Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences on April 18. FABI applauds the 12 PhD, 14 MSc and 25 BSc Honours graduates capped on the day. Listed below are the graduates and the titles of their dissertations as well as the Honours students with projects in FABI over the past year.


Dr Gerda Fourie:

Evolution of mitochondrial genomes in the Fasarium fujikuroi species complex

Supervisor: Prof ET Steenkamp

Co-supervisors: Prof BD WingfieldProf MJ WingfieldDr NA van der Merwe

Dr Luke Jimu

Diseases and pests of Eucalyptus species in Zimbabwe with particular reference to Teratosphaeria stem canker

Supervisor: Prof J Roux

Co-supervisors: Prof MJ Wingfield, Dr E Mwenje

Dr DongHyeon Lee

Biology of Ceratocystis albifundus and Ceratocystis pirilliformis in South Africa

Supervisor: Prof MJ Wingfield

Co-supervisors: Prof J Roux, Prof BD Wingfield

Dr Waheed Mahomed

Describing the continuum of salicylic and jasmonic acid mediated defence responses in the avocado-Phytophtora cinnamomi interaction

Supervisor: Prof N van den Berg

Co-supervisor: Dr BG Crampton

Dr Ronishree Mangwanda

Transcriptomic responses of host and fungal pathogen in the Eucalyptus grandis and Chrysoporthe austroafricana interaction

Supervisor: Dr S Naidoo

Co-supervisor: Prof AA Myburg, Dr NA van der Merwe

Dr Ritesh Mewalal

Functional characterisation of cell wall-related proteins of unknown function (CW-PUFs) in Arabidopsis thaliana

Supervisor: Prof AA Myburg

Co-supervisor: Dr E Mizrachi

External co-supervisor: Prof SD Mansfield (University of British Columbia, Canada)

Dr David Read

Overcoming bias in Citrus tristeza virus (CTV) genotype detection and a population study of CTV within Southern African Star Ruby grapefruit orchards

Supervisor: Prof G Pietersen

Dr Markus Wilken

Mating in Ceratocystis

Supervisor: Prof BD Wingfield

Co-supervisor: Prof MJ Wingfield


Khumbuzile Bophela

Enterobacter and Xanthomonas species associated with blight and die-back of Eucalyptus

Supervisor: Prof TA Coutinho

Co-supevisor: Prof SN Venter

Vanessa Cronje

Infection and colonization of onion seedlings by Pantoea ananatis and P. allii

Supervisor: Prof TA Coutinho

Co-supervisor: Prof N van den Berg

Herman de Bruin*

Characterising the diversity of Beauveria species infecting insects in South African plantations

Supervisor: Prof B Slippers

Co-supervisor: Dr ZW de Beer

Simone Fouché*

Molecular characterisation of an accessory chromosome of Fusarium circinatum

Supervisor: Prof ET Steenkamp

Co-supervisor: Prof BD Wingfield, Dr MPA Coetzee

Claire Melinda Martin

Elicitation of medicinally active dicaffeoylguinic acid derivatives from Helichrysum populifolium (Asteraceae)

Supervisor: Dr Bridget Crampton

External co-supervisors: Dr I Gazendam (Agricultural Research Council); Dr HM Heyman (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA)

Rofhiwa Nesamari

Identification of diseases and pests of cycads in South Africa

Supervisor: Prof J Roux

Co-supervisor: Prof TA Coutinho

Gi Yoon Shin*

Investigation of the genetic diversity of Pantoea ananatis

Supervisor: Prof SN Venter

Co-supervisor: Prof TA Coutinho

Kirsti Snyders

Detection and isolation of homogeneous genotypes of Citrus tristeza virus for use in virus control through cross protection

Supervisor: Prof Gerhard Pietersen

Collins Tanui

Characterising quorum sensing regulation of virulence in Pectobacterium carotovorum subsp. Brasiliensis

Supervisor: Prof LN Moleleki

Stephanie van Wyk*

Molecular characterisation of the growth rate determining quantitative trait locus in Fusarium circinatum

Supervisor: Prof ET Steenkamp

Co-supervisor: Prof BD Wingfield, Dr L de Vos, Dr NA van der Merwe

Andi Wilson*

Sexual Reproduction in the Genus Huntiella

Supervisor: Prof BD Wingfield, Dr MA van der Nest


BSc Honours students affiliated with FABI:

Gabriella Barnard

Johnathan Bredenkamp*

Katrien Brown*

Edohan Clasen*

Donovin Coles*

Esna du Plessis

Stephanus Engelbrecht*

Hanlica Erasmus

Juanita Hanneman

Candice Herd

Xongani Khoza

Nadine Koen

Marike Louw

Malebo Makunyane

Katlego Masike

Wilma Nel

Alandie Nieuwoud*

Monique Otto

Naomi Park

Shamara Polliack

Robyn-Leigh Smith

Catherine Tatham*

Azille Schulze

Elzette Wentzel

Catherine Wickham