15 Nov 2019

FABI researchers attend the International Macadamia R&D Conference in China

The annual International Macadamia R&D Conference was held in Lincang City, Yunnan, China from 5-9 November. Macadamia Protection Programme research leader Dr Gerda Fourie and FABI postdoctoral Fellow Dr Arista Fourie joined 300 delegates from 12 countries, consisting mostly of senior researchers, institute directors and consultants.

14 Nov 2019

Congratulation to Mohammad on successfully defending his PhD

FABI congratulates Mohammad Sayari for successfully completing and defending his PhD thesis on 12 November.

13 Nov 2019

Two eminent scientists present special seminars at FABI

Two leaders on biological control presented seminars at FABI on 12 November.

12 Nov 2019

Ambrosia beetle expert presents a special seminar at FABI

A leading expert on ambrosia and bark beetles, Prof. Jiri Hulcr, presented a special seminar at FABI on 1 November.

11 Nov 2019

Fungi for Future project launched at a third primary school

FABI research Fellow Dr Neriman Yilmaz and the DST-NRF Centre of Excellence in Tree Health Biotechnology (CTHB) outreach team recently visited Laerskool Menlopark within the “Fungi for future” Citizen Science project. The project has so far included three schools: Laerskool Menlopark, Nwa’vhangani and Tlakukani Primary Schools.

7 Nov 2019

Rhizobial collection trip with Polish collaborators

Several members of the Rhizobial Research Group (Prof. Emma Steenkamp, Prof. Fanus Venter, Dr Chrizelle Beukes, Juanita Avontuur and Derick Claassens) joined Polish collaborators Prof. Tomasz Stępkowski, Joanna Banasiewicz and Rafał Banasiewicz on a sampling trip to Mpumalanga and KwaZulu-Natal from 27-31 October.

5 Nov 2019

CTHB awards certificates to 13 undergraduate mentees

Thirteen students who completed eight months of mentorship in the DST-NRF Centre of Excellence in Tree Health Biotechnology(CTHB) received their certificates of completion on 1 November at a small ceremony in FABI.

4 Nov 2019

University Vice-Chancellor participates in a fungal citizen science project

University of Pretoria Vice-Chancellor and Principal, Prof. Tawana Kupe collected soil samples at the Future Africa campus on 30 October as part of a FABI-hosted Citizen Science project “Fungi for Future”.

31 Oct 2019

FABI postdoc attends IUFRO Phytophthora conference in Sardinia

The biennial meeting of the IUFRO’s Working Party 7.02.09 – ‘Phytophthorain Forests and Natural Ecosystems’ was held on the Italian island of Sardinia from 17-25 October 2019.

30 Oct 2019

Biosafety SA and FABI host Women in Biotech panel discussion

Five women led a discussion at FABI on the challenges faced by women in the biotechnology sector on 29 October.

28 Oct 2019

FABIans thank and wish Prof. Lubuma well on his retirement

Former Dean of the Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences at the University of Pretoria Professor Jean Lubuma joined FABIans at the Monday morning meeting on 28 October, giving them an opportunity to wish him well on his retirement.

25 Oct 2019

FABI students return from Penn State exchange visit

Two FABI PhD candidates, Benedicta Swalarsk-Parry and Jane Ramaswe recently returned from a three-month exchange visit to Pennsylvania State University. The visit is part of a strategic partnership between the Department of Plant Pathology and Environmental Microbiologyin Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences and the Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute (FABI) at the University of Pretoria.

25 Oct 2019

Fungi for Future school outreach launched

The DST-NRF Centre of Excellence in Tree Health Biotechnology (CTHB) outreach team from FABI was involved in a ‘Fungi for Future’ initiative which forms part of their citizen science project.

24 Oct 2019

FABI donates bicycles to the N'wa-Vangani Primary School

On Friday 18 October, the DST-NRF Centre of Excellence in Tree Health Biotechnology (CTHB) Outreach Team had the privilege of handing over five bicycles to learners from the N’wa-Vangani Primary School for their outstanding academic achievements.

22 Oct 2019

FMG members attend the Plant Genome Evolution 2019 conference

The Plant Genome Evolution Conference is a biennial event and the 2019 meeting, which marked the fifth meeting, was held in Sitges (Barcelona), Spain.

21 Oct 2019

FABIan visits Argentinian collaborators

FABI PhD candidate Joséphine Queffelec recently visited two research labs in Argentina to talk about insect ecology and reinforce the collaboration between FABI and other entomology and forestry research labs.

18 Oct 2019

Tree planting to restore the native Patagonian forest

This year FABI PhD candidate Joséphine Queffelec participated in this effort and helped to plant over 200 native trees on the snowy slopes of the Patagonian mountains.

16 Oct 2019

FABI hosts Polish research visit

Professor Sylwia Wdowiak-Wróbel and Dr Michał Kalita, researchers from the University of Maria Curie - Skłodowska (UMCS) in Lublin, Poland visited FABI on 1 October.

15 Oct 2019

FABIans take part in various activities during UP’s Anti-discrimination and Social Justice Week

The University of Pretoria observed Anti-Discrimination and Social Justice Week from 30 September to 4 October. FABI hosted the first in a series of events organised by the Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences in recognition of this campaign.

14 Oct 2019

ACGT and FABI jointly hosts a Plant Phenotyping and Precision Agriculture workshop at Future Africa

On Tuesday, September 17, the African Centre for Gene Technologies (ACGT), Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute (FABI) and Future Africa co-hosted a Plant Phenotyping and Precision Agriculture workshop at Future Africa on the University of Pretoria's Hillcrest Campus.

11 Oct 2019

FABI chemical ecology field trials planned for 2019 and 2020

Work at FABI in the area of applied chemical ecology for insect pest management and monitoring continues to grow.

6 Oct 2019

XXV IUFRO 2019 World Congress closes with a new President-elect at the helm

The XXV IUFRO 2019 World Congress was officially closed on 5 October with a new President at the helm to lead the organisation through the next five years.

6 Oct 2019

FABI flag flies high at the XXV IUFRO World Congress 2019

FABI had a significant and visible presence at the recently concluded XXV IUFRO World Congress 2019 held in the Brazilian city of Curitiba from 29 September to 5 October.

2 Oct 2019

IUFRO President Presents the Wangari Mathai Award for 2019

The Burundian forestry activist Leonidas Nzigiyimpa was announced as the winner of the 2019 Wangari Maathai Forest Champions Award at a ceremony on the sidelines of the XXV IUFRO 2019 World Congress being held in the Brazilian city of Curitiba.

2 Oct 2019

XXV IUFRO World Congress Opens on a high in Curitiba

The XXV IUFRO World Congress 2019 opened in the Brazilian city of Curitiba on Monday 30 September. FABI was well represented at the congress with its Director Prof.  

30 Sep 2019

XXV IUFRO 2019 Tree Planting Ceremony

The XXV IUFRO 2019 World Congress official opening was preceded with a tree planting ceremony at the Curitiba Botanical Gardens on 29 September. It is fitting that the iconic Araucaria trees were planted as the city’s name is derived from the native Tupi language words kurí tyba meaning “many pine seeds” due to the large number of pinecones of the Paraná pines (Araucaria angustafolia) in the region.  

17 Sep 2019

John Taylor visits FABI

FABI was honoured to host a visit by Prof. Professor Taylor was part of the team who pioneered the use of PCR for fungal phylogenetics and ecology.

16 Sep 2019

FABI flying high at the annual NRF Awards Ceremony

FABI researchers featured very prominently at the annual awards ceremony of the National Research Foundation (NRF) of South Africa held at the Lord Charles Hotel (Somerset West) on Thursday 12 September.

13 Sep 2019

The CFTPP Team visit the Chinese Embassy

On 28 August, the CERC-FABI Tree Protection Programme members (CFTPP) team, visited the Chinese Embassy in Pretoria.

12 Sep 2019

FABI considers dying trees and fungal biodiversity in Namaqualand

FABI Founder Director Prof. Mike Wingfield and Prof. Pedro Crous, Director of the Westerdijk Fungal Biodiversity Institute (WFBI, Netherlands) and also holding a Professorship in FABI at the University of Pretoria spent four days examining diseases of plants in Namaqualand in the Northern Cape Province.

12 Sep 2019

Chilean Forestry Delegation visits FABI

FABI hosted a three day visit from 9-11 September by Prof.

9 Sep 2019

Fourteen FABIans capped at the 2019 Spring Graduation Ceremony

The University of Pretoria conferred 14 postgraduate degrees – eight PhD degrees and six MSc degrees – to FABIans during the Spring Graduation Ceremony on 5 September. Congratulations to these FABIans on their remarkable achievements!

6 Sep 2019

Prof. Martin Coetzee attends the Mycological Society of America (USA) Meeting 2019

Professor Martin Coetzee attended the 87th meeting of the Mycological Society of America (MSA) from 10-14 August in Minneapolis, USA.

6 Sep 2019

FABI features prominently at AgriCAREERSConnect

FABI was prominent at AgriCAREERSConnect, an interactive careers fair at the University of Pretoria’s Future Africa Campus on 5 September.

5 Sep 2019

FABIans “begin afresh” and look forward to sunnier and happier days at the annual Spring Day Tea

FABIans celebrated a colourful yet pensive Spring Day Tea in the FABI Courtyard on 4 September. The FABI Social Club hosts this colourful spectacle every year in celebration of renewal that comes with the end of winter.

5 Sep 2019

MPI Fungal Symposium 2019

Professor Brenda Wingfield had the privilege of attending the MPI Fungal Symposium in Plön, Germany from 2-4 September.