Twenty undergraduate students will gain hands-on scientific research experience as mentees in the CTHB Mentorship Programme. The 2020 cohort were welcomed into the programme at a ceremony in FABI on 28 February. For the next nine months, the mentees will work closely with their mentors – postgraduate students and postdoctoral Fellows in the Institute – learning various lab techniques. Professor Martin Coetzee welcomed the group and encouraged them to make the best of the opportunity and maintain their academic aptitude. Prof. Brenda Wingfield spoke of the benefits for mentors and their mentees in participating in the programme. The mentors gain a “helping hand” while imparting valuable skills to their charges, said Prof. Wingfield. 

The DSI-NRF Centre of Excellence in Tree Health Biotechnology (CTHB) has run the programme since 2005, preparing second and third year BSc students for when they pursue their individual research studies from Honours until PhD level.

The mentors and their mentees in 2020 are: