Ms Claudette Dewing

PhD student


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Primary Supervisor
Cobus Visagie

Co Supervisor
Emma Steenkamp
Brenda Wingfield
Neriman Yilmaz

Outbreaks of facial eczema in dairy cattle are more commonly reported in the Eastern Cape (South Africa). Facial eczema has previously been linked to a mycotoxicosis caused by the mycotoxin sporidesmin produced by Pseudopithomyces chartarum. We aim to survey dairy pastures collected during disease outbreaks to characterise the fungal communities present. Knowledge gained from this study will provide important baseline information on the fungi present in Eastern Cape pastures, many of which potentially produce mycotoxins and may affect the health of dairy cattle in the region.

I began my journey with FABI in 2017 during my Honours degree in the Microbiology department at the University of Pretoria. My project was based on comparative genomics to identify and characterise genes involved in promoting host-specificity in agriculturally important Fusarium species from the American clade of the Fusarium fujikuroi species complex. My Masters degree (2018-February 2020) followed up on my Honours project and was completed with a distinction.

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SASM conference 2018

Culture collection

SPOOF 2018

Social Club 2018/2019


FABI opens its doors for undergraduate students to “meet the scientists”

The CTHB Outreach Team at FABI hosted “Meet the scientists” information sessions for undergraduate students at the University of Pretoria on 26 and 27 February.

CTHB welcomes 20 students into its Mentorship Programme

Twenty undergraduate students will gain hands-on scientific research experience as mentees in the CTHB Mentorship Programme.

FABIans flexed their green fingers at 2019’s first tree planting session

A team of about 40 students spent the morning on 21 March replanting 1600 cuttings into potting bags at the FABI nursery on the University of Pretoria’s experimental farm.

FABI attends the Fungal Genetics meeting

Eight Fabians attended the Fungal Genetics meeting in Asilomar, California during March 2019.

Busy week in the field for the TPCP

In the week of 4 March, the TPCP had three different field trips to the KwaZulu-Natal, Midlands.

Mammoth inoculation trial of pine seedlings

Late in 2018, 14 FABIans banded together for the mammoth task of inoculating and disease assessment of 6,360 Pinus patula seedlings with 159 Fusarium circinatum isolates.


In March 2018 four FABIans won prizes at the South African Society of Microbiology Congress.

Export to RIS
Dankie VN, Steenkamp ET, De Vos L, Swalarsk-Parry BS, Dewing C, Fru F, Wilken PM, Mchunu NP, Wingfield BD, Wingfield MJ, van der Nest MA. (2024) Growth, pathogenicity and sexual fertility of the African tree pathogen Ceratocystis albifundus. Journal of Plant Pathology :1-11. 10.1007/s42161-024-01634-y
Dewing C, van der Nest MA, Santana QC, Proctor RH, Wingfield BD, Steenkamp ET, De Vos L. (2022) Characterization of host-specific genes from Pine- and grass-associated species of the Fusarium fujikuroi species complex. Pathogens 11:858. 10.3390/pathogens11080858