The impact of a tiny beetle and its deadly fungus on South Africa’s forests (Youtube 36 min) by Prof. Wilhelm de Beer, presented at the National Science and Technology Forum (NSTF) for Plant Health in South Africa on 10 June 2021.

Ecological and economic impact of the polyphagous shot hole borer (YouTube, 5 min; 2022) by Stellenbosch University. Click here to view.

International Year of Plant Health: The Polyphagous Shothole Borer’s effect on South Africa's trees (YouTube video 2.18min; 2020) by the University of Pretoria. Click here to view.

FABI Research Features

The potential economic impact of the polyphagous shot hole borer invasion in South Africa

A doctoral study in FABI confirms for the first time the presence of Xylosandrus crassiusculus, a polyphagous ambrosia beetle and its fungal symbiont, Ambroseilla roeperi, in three provinces in South Africa

Non-FABI Publications

Bierman A., F. Roets, J.S. Terblanche (2022) Population structure of the invasive ambrosia beetle, Euwallacea fornicatus, indicates multiple introductions into South Africa. Biological Invasions. 10.1007/s10530-022-02801-x.

de Jager M., F. Roets (2022) Pathogenicity of Fusarium euwallaceae towards apple (Malus domestica) and grapevine (Vitis vinifera). Australasian Plant Disease Notes 17. 10.1007/s13314-022-00456-0.

de Jager M., F. Roets (2022) Rapid and cost-effective detection of Fusarium euwallaceae from woody tissues. Plant Pathology. 10.1111/ppa.13600.


Collection of Ambrosia beetle infested material in Durban

14th Online meeting of the Bark Beetle Mycobiome Network

SANBI-funded Sentinel Plant Project establishes a PSHB monitoring system at the KZN National Botanical Garden

PSHB Network meets

University of Pretoria protects trees against PSHB infestation

Scouting for native natural enemies of PSHB

SANBI Sentinel Plant Project hosts a training workshop for DUT horticulture students

The PSHB takes FABI researchers to Somerset West

Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer online resource

Inspection of invasive disease and pest problems in SANBI's Cape gardens

Prof. Wilhelm de Beer receives the SAIF Distinguished Forestry Award

A webinar on Plant Health in Botanical Gardens amid the COVID-19 pandemic

FABIans in the news: Two articles in Wood Southern Africa & Timber Times highlight the work done by the PSHB Research Network

Getting a PSHB research project done before the lockdown

PSHB is spreading in the Western Cape

Monitoring plant health in botanic gardens and arboreta across South Africa

PSHB survey in Northern Cape Pecan orchards

Shothole Borer meetings in the Cape Peninsula

PSHB fungus tested for pathogenicity on commercial forest trees

Shot Hole borer projects launched in forests of the Southern Cape

Shot Hole Borer invasion places FABI in the spotlight

FABI research work features on Carte Blanche

Tree health experts inspect PSHB infestation in Johannesburg suburbs

FABI Team surveys Johannesburg gardens for PSHB infestations

The impact of the Polyphagous Shothole Borer in South Africa explained in a public seminar at FABI

Ambrosia Beetle Working Group formed at FABI